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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How are your shelves mounted?

A:Our shelves are built hollow making them lighter and easier to mount. We provide a simple wooden hanging bracket along with hardware and detailed mounting instructions.

Q: What tools are needed to mount the floating shelves?

A: We recommend having the following on hand to install your shelves: stud finder, level, Impact driver with a philips attachment (for shelves) or a 5/16 hex head attachment (for mantels), extra wood adhesive or pin nails for extra stability

Q: Can I order a custom size?

A: We can make our shelves and mantels a maximum length of 82", a maximum depth of 12" and a minimum height/thickness of 3".  Any custom size that lie between those measurements we are able to accommodate.  Please reach out to us for custom quotes.

Q: What is the difference between Modern Rustic and Contemporary Rustic?

A: Both types of wood are made of rustic alder, both will have rustic characteristics such as knots, cracks and varying wood grain patterns.  The difference between the two styles is the Modern Rustic has saw marks in the wood giving it a bit more texture where the Contemporary Rustic has no saw marks and a smoother texture. The saw marks can (but not always) take on stain color slightly darker.

Q: What is the weight capacity for the shelves/mantels?

A: While we don't offer a weight limit for our shelves, we have tested them up to 35lbs while attached to two wall studs.  The shelves themselves are very sturdy, but the real strength comes in mounting them correctly.  We ask that you use your best judgement when placing items on them.  Detailed mounting instructions are provided with each shipment.