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About Us

Seattle natives Jeff and Noelle left the big city in search for a simpler life back in 2014.  With no previous woodworking experience Jeff stumbled upon a woodworking apprenticeship and quickly fell in love with the craft.  It wasn't too long after that he designed Sawtooth Ridge Woodworks (SRW) best selling Floating Shelf, and the rest is history.

Jeff and Noelle most recently moved their woodshop from their small home property shop to a commercial building in the town of Twisp, WA where they now have a small but mighty team of employees. Their focus is craftsmanship and superior customer service which in return has built them a community of fiercely loyal customers.

You can count on SRW to keep up with the most current home interior design trends while staying true to their style of woodworking.  

When Jeff and Noelle aren't working hard making pretty things you can usually find them on the trails: cross-country skiing in the winter while they wait for the snow to melt so they can jump on their mountain bikes for the rest of the year. 

Check out their IG page to follow along with day to day shop fun, new products and of course stay up to date on their adorable shop dog Tod and shop kitty Dale!